Basketball Ireland Men’s Division 1 2019-20

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Tradehouse Central Ballincollig 1111091571133
Fr. Mathews 119281073927
Scotts Lakers St. Pauls Killarney118392883824
LYIT Donegal117493584921
IT Carlow 95471369115
Limerick Celtics 1156989104315
EJ Sligo All Stars104680684412
Portlaoise Panthers114790795812
University Ulster Elks11388959529
Limerick Sports Eagles10377107899
McGowans Tolka Rovers 11298218906
Waterford Vikings 9276317566

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Results & Fixtures

DateTimeHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
21.09.201919:00IT Carlow98Portlaoise Panthers72
21.09.201919:00Limerick Celtics92Scotts Lakers St. Pauls Killarney85
21.09.201919:00LYIT Donegal96Ulster University Elks82
21.09.201919:00McGowans Tolka Rovers64Fr. Mathews73
21.09.201919:00Tradehouse Central Ballincollig82Limerick Sport Eagles55
Week 2
28.09.201919:45Fr. Mathews66EJ Sligo All Stars45
28.09.201919:00Limerick Sport Eagles56Waterford Vikings65
28.09.201919:30Scotts Lakers St. Pauls Killarney89IT Carlow84
28.09.201916:00Tradehouse Central Ballincollig85Portlaoise Panthers71
28.09.201913:30Ulster University Elks91Limerick Celtics77
Week 3A
04.10.201919:45Fr. Mathews95Limerick Celtics83
04.10.201920:15Waterford Vikings85Portlaoise Panthers90
05.10.201912:30IT Carlow79Ulster University Elks76
05.10.201916:00LYIT Donegal95Fr. Mathews76
05.10.201918:00McGowans Tolka Rovers51Limerick Sport Eagles65
05.10.201916:00Tradehouse Central Ballincollig83Scotts Lakers St. Pauls Killarney54
Week 3B
06.10.201915:00Limerick Sport Eagles54EJ Sligo All Stars69
06.10.201915:00Portlaoise Panthers91McGowans Tolka Rovers75
06.10.201915:00Scotts Lakers St. Pauls Killarney94Waterford Vikings49
Week 4
12.10.201919:30EJ Sligo All Stars104Portlaoise Panthers93
12.10.201919:45Fr. Mathews66IT Carlow61
12.10.201919:00Limerick Sport Eagles66LYIT Donegal97
12.10.201919:30Scotts Lakers St. Pauls Killarney92McGowans Tolka Rovers73
12.10.201915:00Ulster University Elks93Waterford Vikings76
13.10.201914:00Ulster University Elks64Tradehouse Central Ballincollig77
Week 5
19.10.201912:30IT Carlow Basketball98Limerick Celtics84
19.10.201915:00Ulster University87McGowans Tolka Rovers79
19.10.201916:00LYIT Donegal94EJ Sligo All-Stars84
19.10.201919:00Waterford Vikings68Tradehouse Central Ballincollig84
19.10.201920:00Portlaoise Panthers82Scotts Lakers St. Paul’s Killarney97
Week 6
27.10.201913:00Tradehouse Central Ballincollig93IT Carlow Basketball60
27.10.201915:00EJ Sligo All-Stars83Tolka Rovers81
27.10.201915:30Limerick Celtics75LYIT Donegal101
27.10.201919:00Portlaoise Panthers92Limerick Sport Eagles76
Week 7
02.11.201919:30EJ Sligo All-Stars104Ulster University99
02.11.201919:30Scotts Lakers St. Paul’s Killarney77LYIT Donegal74
02.11.201919:45Fr.Mathews87Waterford Vikings82
02.11.201920:00Portlaoise Panthers91Limerick Celtics101
Week 8
09.11.201915:30Ulster University54Fr. Mathews70
09.11.201916:00Tradehouse Central Ballincollig88McGowans Tolka Rovers75
09.11.201919:30Scotts Lakers St. Paul’s Killarney90EJ Sligo All-Stars70
10.11.201915:00IT Carlow Basketball76LYIT Donegal86
10.11.201917:00Limerick Celtics96Waterford Vikings86
Week 9
16.11.201916:00LYIT Donegal79Portlaoise Panthers74
16.11.201917:15Ulster University91Limerick Sport Eagles101
16.11.201918:00McGowans Tolka Rovers94Limerick Celtics101
16.11.201919:30EJ Sligo All-Stars72Tradehouse Central Ballincollig74
16.11.201919:45Fr. Mathews84Scotts Lakers St. Paul’s Killarney72
Week 10
23.11.201916:00Tradehouse Central Ballincollig87LYIT Donegal83
23.11.201912:30IT Carlow Basketball78EJ Sligo All-Stars65
23.11.201912:30Ulster University81Scotts Lakers St. Paul’s Killarney94
23.11.201919:00Portlaoise Panthers62Fr. Mathews81
23.11.201919:00Waterford Vikings62McGowans Tolka Rovers95
23.11.201918:30Limerick Celtics93Limerick Sport Eagles101
Week 11A
06.12.201920:00Limerick Sport Eagles66Scotts Lakers St. Paul’s Killarney84
07.12.201915:00Ulster University77Portlaoise Panthers99
07.12.201918:00McGowans Tolka Rovers74LYIT Donegal69
07.12.201918:30Limerick Celtics72Tradehouse Central Ballincollig91
07.12.201919:45Fr. Mathews75Limerick Sport Eagles70
Week 11B
08.12.201913:00Tradehouse Central Ballincollig71Fr. Mathews37
08.12.201915:00EJ Sligo All-Stars110Limerick Celtics115
08.12.201915:00McGowans Tolka Rovers60IT Carlow Basketball79
08.12.201915:00Waterford Vikings78LYIT Donegal61

Reference: [1]

Home Venues

TeamHome Court
EJ Sligo All StarsMercy College
Fr. MathewsColaiste Chriost Ri
IT CarlowBarrow Centre-IT Carlow
Limerick CelticsLimerick Celtics
Limerick Sport EaglesUL Arena-Limerick
McGowans Tolka RoversTolka Rovers SC
Portlaoise PanthersSt. Mary’s Sports Hall
Scotts Lakers St. Pauls KillarneyKillarney
Tradehouse Central BallincolligBallincollig CS
Ulster University ElksUlster University Elks
Waterford VikingsWaterford Vikings

Reference: [1]



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[1] Basketball Ireland (2019) Basketball Ireland Logo [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 13 August 2019]


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