Basketball Ireland National League Men’s Division 1 2013-2019

Basketball Ireland Men’s Division 1 2013-14

Maree14131  40
Swords Thunder14113  36
St. Mary’s14104  34
Titans1495  32
Blue Demons1459  24
Kilkenny1459  24
Fr. Mathews14212  18
Tolka Rovers14113  16


Basketball Ireland Men’s Division 1 2014-15

*SSE Airtricity Moycullen14122  238
*Maree14122  137
^Eanna1477  122
^C&S Blue Demons1477  122
^Team Left Bank Kilkenny1468  220
^JM&L Auctioneers Titans1459  318
Fr. Mathews1468  018
Tolka Rovers14113  14


DateHome Team Away Team 
 Eanna68DCU Saints82
 C&S Blue Demons74BFG Neptune84
 JM&L Auctioneers Titans65UCD Marian86
 Team Left Bank Kilkenny106Belfast Star99
 DCU Saints85BFG Neptune73
 UCD Marian84Team Left Bank Kilkenny46
 DCU Saints102UCD Marian95


Basketball Ireland Men’s Division 1 2015-16

*Maree18171  51
*Kubs18144  42
*Keanes SuperValu Killorglin18144  42
*Team Kilkenny18108  30
C&S Blue Demons18711  21
BFG Neptune18612  18
Kestrels18612  18
IT Carlow18612  18
Fr. Mathews18513  15
JM&L Auctioneers Titans18513  15


DateHome Team Away Team 
 Kubs91Team Kilkenny81
 Maree80Keanes SuperValu Killorglin76


BI Men’s Division 1 2016-17

North Conference      
Ulster University Elks161331383119539
EJ Sligo All-Stars16881298134224
LYIT Donegal166101097119218
Dublin Lions164121033125012
South Conference      
BFG Neptune161331595126239
Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin161331362122439
Team Kilkenny166101171120018
Fr. Mathews164121133135412
IT Carlow Basketball16214115013856


Classification 1-4 (League)

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Day 1   
18.03.2017Maree79Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin57
18.03.2017BFG Neptune93Ulster Elks97
 Day 2   
19.03.2017Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin89BFG Neptune98
19.03.2017Maree81Ulster Elks70


Classification 5-8 (League)

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Day 1   
18.03.2017Kestrels107LYIT Donegal63
18.03.2017EJ Sligo All-Stars28Team Kilkenny71
 Day 2   
19.03.2017LYIT Donegal70EJ Sligo All-Stars95
19.03.2017Kestrels54Team Kilkenny71


Classification 9-12 (League)

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Day 1   
18.03.2017Dublin Lions75IT Carlow Basketball76
18.03.2017Fr. Mathews108Titans70
 Day 2   
19.03.2017Dublin Lions88Titans77
19.03.2017IT Carlow Basketball20Fr. Mathews0 #


League Cup (Playoffs)

DateHome Team Away Team 
01.04.2017Ulster University Elks48BFG Neptune72
01.04.2017Maree60Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin69
02.04..2017Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin97BFG Neptune72


BI Men’s Division 1 2017-18

Division 1A      
*Keanes SuperValu Killorglin191721612128851
*IT Carlow Basketball191271568146036
Fr Mathews191181674156433
Ulster University Elks197121522165421
Portlaoise Panthers197121337150221
Division 1B      
*Scotts Lakers St Pauls Killarney191091570151430
*Paris Texas Kilkenny199101480144727
*LIT Celtics198111642168524
*Dublin Lions197121612167421
LYIT Donegal197121581181421
EJ Sligo All-Stars194151387162012 Titans19217144717966


DateHome Team Away team 
16.03.2018Neptune113LIT Celtics103
18.03.2018Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin91Dublin Lions97
18.03.2018Scotts Lakers St. Pauls Killarney85IT Carlow Basketball89
19.03.2018Paris Texas Kilkenny92Ballincollig96
22.03.2018Dublin Lions80Ballincollig72
23.03.2018IT Carlow Basketball91Neptune76
 Final (WIT)   
24.03.2018Dublin Lions72IT Carlow Basketball88


DateHome Team Away Team 
 Promotion/ Relegation Playoff (WIT)   


BI Men’s Division 1 2018-19

Northern Conference      
*DBS Eanna232212058153866
*Abbey Seals Dublin Lions231761953166451
EJ Sligo All Stars231761909176551
Bad Bobs Tolka Rovers231491761167042
KUBS BC2311121777169533
Ulster University Elks236171674192118
LYIT Donegal234191669212512 Titans23221166820526
Southern Conference      
*Tradehouse Central Ballincollig242222154173066
*Scotts Lakers St. Paul’s Killarney241862083182154
IT Carlow Basketball241591874176645
Portlaoise Panthers2413111881193939
Limerick Celtics2412121912196936
Fr. Mathews249151869197427
UL Sports Eagles248161775187524
Waterford Vikings247171738191021


DateHome Team Away team 
23.03.19DBS Eanna95Scotts Lakers St. Paul’s Killarney78
23.03.19Tradehouse Central Ballincollig68Abbey Seals Dublin Lions78
23.03.19DBS Eanna73Abbey Seals Dublin Lions67


DateHome Team Away team 
10.04.19CandS Neptune70Abbey Seals Dublin Lions79



Basketball Ireland rebranded the Super League as the Premier League in 2013, however, Division 1 remained the same. 

In 2013-14 Maree won the League Title, and in 2014-15, another Galway team, Moycullen won the Division 1 title. The top two played in the Premier League playoffs this year (named the Champions Trophy), whilst those ranked 3-6 played in the Division 1 Playoffs along with four lower-ranked Premier League sides, one of which, DCU Saints won the Playoff title (named the League Cup).

At the end of the 2015-16 season, Maree, back in Division after being relegated from the Premier League, won the League title but fell in the League Cup (Playoff) Final, 89-79 to Kubs of Kilbarrack in Dublin.

For the following season Division 1 was split into Northern and Southern Conferences, with Maree and Neptune of Cork winning their respective conferences, and Maree the overall League. In The League Cup Playoffs, Killorglin of Kerry shocked both Maree and, in the Final, Neptune, winning 97-72.

The League was again split into Northern & Southern Conferences for the 2017-18 season, with the League split into a Top Half (Division 1A) and Bottom Half (Division 1B) for the second half of the season. Killorglin won the League title, but IT Carlow were to be the Playoff champions, winning the League Cup 88-72 against Dublin Lions of Clondalkin.

In 2018-19, a whopping 17 teams played in Division 1, with teams playing each other twice within their own conference, and once against teams from the other conference for a marathon 23 or 24 game season. DBS Eanna of Ballyroan in Dublin, and Ballincollig, from Cork, won their respective Conferences, before DBS Eanna went on to win the Playoff Final, 73-67 against Dublin Lions.




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