Basketball Ireland National League Men’s Division 1 2017-18

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League Table

Division 1A      
*Keanes SuperValu Killorglin191721612128851
*IT Carlow Basketball191271568146036
Fr Mathews191181674156433
Ulster University Elks197121522165421
Portlaoise Panthers197121337150221
Division 1B      
*Scotts Lakers St Pauls Killarney191091570151430
*Paris Texas Kilkenny199101480144727
*LIT Celtics198111642168524
*Dublin Lions197121612167421
LYIT Donegal197121581181421
EJ Sligo All-Stars194151387162012 Titans19217144717966


Promotion/Relegation Playoff

DateHome Team Away team 
 Playoff (WIT)   


Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 1   
16.09.2017IT Carlow Basketball61BFG Neptune99
16.09.2017Ballincollig109LYIT Donegal75
16.09.2017Portlaoise Panthers67Fr Mathews80
16.09.2017EJ Sligo All-Stars96LIT Celtics91
16.09.2017St. Paul’s Killlarney76Dublin Lions75
17.09.2017BFG Neptune113LYIT Donegal80
 Week 2   
23.09.2017LYIT Donegal84Ulster University Elks101
23.09.2017LIT Celtics93St. Pauls Killarney105
23.09.2017BFG Neptune89EJ Sligo All-Stars52
23.09.2017Keanes SuperValu Killorglin67Fr Mathews65
24.09.2017Ulster University Elks80Dublin Lions73 Titans77Ballincollig86
24.09.2017Portlaoise Panthers60IT Carlow81
 Week 3   
30.09.2017Paris Texas Kilkenny77LYIT Donegal82
30.09.2017Dublin Lions81LIT Celtics98
30.09.2017Keanes SuperValu Killorglin87IT Carlow Basketball62
30.09.2017EJ Sligo All-Stars69Portlaoise Panthers65
30.09.2017Scotts Lakers St Pauls Killarney79Neptune84
01.10.2017BFG Neptune Paris Texas Kilkenny 
01.10.2017Ulster University Titans80
 Week 4   
07.10.2017Ballincollig90Ulster University Elks70
07.10.2017LYIT Donegal90Fr Mathews81
07.10.2017Neptune68Dublin Lions58
07.10.2017Keanes SuperValu Killorglin83EJ Sligo All-Stars57
07.10.2017Portlaoise Panthers87Scotts Lakers St Pauls Killarney74
08.10.2017LIT Celtics81Ulster University Elks89 Titans72Paris Texas Kilkenny77
 Week 5   
14.10.2017LIT Celtics94Neptune99
14.10.2017Paris Texas Kilkenny74Ballincollig88
14.10.2017Dublin Lions57Portlaoise Panthers65
14.10.2017Fr Titans70
14.10.2017Scotts Lakers St Pauls Killarney64Keanes SuperValu Killorglin75
15.10.2017IT Carlow Basketball98LYIT Donegal73
15.10.2017Fr Mathews94Ulster University Elks83
 Week 7   
28.10.2017IT Carlow Basketball55Ballincollig81
28.10.2017LYIT Donegal76Scotts Lakers St Pauls Killarney75
28.10.2017LIT Celtics75Keanes SuperValu Killorglin109
28.10.2017Neptune70Portlaoise Panthers64
28.10.2017EJ Sligo All-Stars70Titans75
29.10.2017Ballincollig91Fr Mathews102
29.10.2017LYIT Donegal92EJ Sligo All-Stars80
29.10.2017Keanes SuperValu Killorglin106Dublin Lions78
29.10.2017Portlaoise Panthers63LIT Celtics92
29.10.2017Ulster University Elks86Paris Texas Kilkenny77 Titans67IT Carlow Basketball89
 Week 8   
04.11.2017IT Carlow Basketball89Ulster University Elks70
04.11.2017Dublin Lions119LYIT Donegal86
04.11.2017Neptune Keanes SuperValu Killorglin 
04.11.2017Fr Mathews Paris Texas Kilkenny 
04.11.2017EJ Sligo All-Stars59Ballincollig85
04.11.2017Scotts Lakers St Pauls Titans60
 Week 9   
11.11.2017Ballincollig98Scotts Lakers St Pauls Killarney75
11.11.2017LYIT Donegal95LIT Celtics83
11.11.2017Paris Texas Kilkenny82IT Carlow Basketball86
11.11.2017Keanes SuperValu Killorglin73Portlaoise Panthers43
12.11.2017Ulster University Elks93EJ Sligo All-Stars74
12.11.2017Paris Texas Kilkenny60Keanes SuperValu Killorglin75 Titans104Dublin Lions91
 Week 10   
18.11.2017IT Carlow Basketball107Fr Mathews93
18.11.2017LIT Celtics94Titans67
18.11.2017Dublin Lions98Ballincollig110
18.11.2017EJ Sligo All-Stars57Paris Texas Kilkenny78
18.11.2017Scotts Lakers St Pauls Killarney97Ulster University Elks93
19.11.2017Ballincollig95LIT Celtics83
19.11.2017Fr Mathwes124EJ Sligo All-Stars73
19.11.2017LYIT Donegal82Portlaoise Panthers88 Titans69Neptune106
 Week 11   
25.11.2017Dublin Lions81Paris Texas Kilkenny11
25.11.2017Keanes SuperValu Killorglin123LYIT Donegal70
25.11.2017Sligo All-SStars66IT Carlow Basketball83
25.11.2017Scotts Lakers St Pauls Killarney56Fr Mathews67
25.11.2017Portlaoise Titans79
26.11.2017Paris Texas Kilkenny86Scotts Lakers St Pauls Killarney72
 Week 13   
06.12.2017Neptune71Keanes SuperValu Killorglin75
09.12.2017IT Carlow Basketball88Scotts Lakers St Pauls Killarney77
09.12.2017Ballincollig95Portlaoise Panthers67
09.12.2017Paris Texas Kilkenny99LIT Celtics83
09.12.2017Ulster University Elks83Neptune117
09.12.2017Fr Mathews90Dublin Lions69
10.12.2017LIT Celtics97Fr Mathews102
10.12.2017Keanes SuperValu Killorglin91Ballincollig74
 Week 14   
14.12.2017Dublin Lions98IT Carlow Basketball92
16.12.2017Ulster University Elks67Keanes SuperValu Killorglin82
16.12.2017Paris Texas Kilkenny79Portlaoise Panthers91
16.12.2017Fr Mathews94Neptune103
16.12.2017EJ Sligo All-Stars76Dublin Lions96
17.12.2017IT Carlow Basketball98LIT Celtics34
17.12.2017Fr. Mathews107Paris Texas Kilkenny73 Titans96LYIT Donegal100
17.12.2017Portlaoise Panthers77Ulster University Elks75
 Week 16   
30.12.2017Scotts Lakers St Pauls Killarney65EJ Sligo All-Stars60
 Week 18   
13.01.2018IT Carlow Basketball82Keanes SuperValu Killorglin72
13.01.2018Neptune110Fr. Mathews75
13.01.2018EJ Sligo All-Stars94LYIT Donegal80
13.01.2018Scotts Lakers St. Paul’s Killarney97LIT Celtics77
14.01.2018Ulster University Elks78Portlaoise Panthers76
 Week 19   
20.01.2018Paris Texas Kilkenny86EJ Sligo All-Stars76
20.01.2018LIT Celtics93Dublin Lions82
20.01.2018Neptune101IT Carlow Basketball74
20.01.2018Fr. Mathews80Ballincollig91
20.01.2018Keanes SuperValu Killorglin90Ulster University Elks66 Titans69Scotts Lakers St. Paul’s Killarney113
 Week 21   
03.02.2018LYIT Donegal58Paris Texas Kilkenny81
03.02.2018Dublin Lions81EJ Sligo All-Stars74
03.02.2018Fr. Mathews80IT Carlow Basketball69
03.02.2018Portlaoise Panthers60Neptune101
04.02.2018Ulster University Elks85Ballincollig95
 Week 22   
10.02.2018Ballincollig82IT Carlow Basketball63
10.02.2018Dublin Titans93
10.02.2018EJ Sligo All-Stars75Scotts Lakers St Paul’s Killarney81
10.02.2018Neptune96Ulster University Elks66
10.02.2018Portlaoise Panthers60Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin73
 Week 23   
17.02.2018Ballincollig77Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin76
17.02.2018Fr. Mathews76Portlaoise Panthers80
17.02.2018Scotts Lakers St. Paul’s Killarney107LYIT Donegal84
18.02.2018LIT Celtics100LYIT Donegal65
18.02.2018Paris Texas Kilkenny80Dublin Lions61
 Week 24   
24.02.2018LYIT Titans81
24.02.2018LIT Celtics94Paris Texas Kilkenny81
24.02.2018Dublin Lions86Scotts Lakers St. Paul’s Killarney81
24.02.2018Portlaoise Panthers59Ballincollig82
24.02.2018Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin83Neptune79
25.02.2018Ulster University Elks78Fr. Mathews91
 Week 25 Titans72LIT Celtics92
 Week 26   
10.03.2018LIT Celtics88EJ Sligo All-Stars84
10.03.2018Scotts Lakers St. Paul’s Killarney87Paris Texas Kilkenny81
10.03.2018Fr. Mathews68Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin90
10.03.2018LYIT Donegal101Dublin Lions108
11.03.2018Paris Texas Titans71
11.03.2018IT Carlow Basketball96Portlaoise Panthers69


Points Sytem: 3 Pts Win / 0 Pts Loss / Tied teams separated by Points Difference (PF-PA)

Format: Teams split after a single round-robin of 13 games into Division 1A and 1B based on table position. A further single round-robin is played within each Division for a total of 19 games. Full Points and record are carried forward into Stage 2.

x – Qualify for League Cup Quarter-Finals / c – Division 1 League Champions and Promoted to Super League / q – Enter Promotion-Relegation Playoff

Home Venues

TeamHome Court
BallincolligBallincollig Community School, Co. Cork
BFG NeptuneNeptune Stadium, Cork City
Dublin LionsColaiste Bhride, Clondalkin, D22, Co. South Dublin
EJ Sligo All-StarsMercy College, Co. Sligo
Fr. MathewsColaiste Chriost Ri, Cork City
IT Carlow BasketballBarrow Centre, IT Carlow, Co. Carlow
Keane’s SuperValu KillorglinKillorglin Sports Centre, Co. Kerry
LIT CelticsSports Hub, Limerick IT, Limerick City
LYIT DonegalLetterkenny IT, Co. Donegal
Paris Texas KilkennyO’Loughlin’s GAA, Kilkenny, Co. Kilkenny
Portlaoise PanthersSt. Mary’s Sports Hall, Portlaoise, Co. Laois
St. Paul’s KillarneyKillarney Sports Centre, Co. Kerry
TitansThe Jes, Colaiste Iognaid, Sea Road, Galway City
Ulster University ElksUlster University


Mens Division 1 2017-18



Week 21: 3-4 February 2018 [3]

In Mens Division 1A Neptune ran out easy 101-60 winners over bottom-placed Portlaoise, while Fr. Mathews won 80-69 at home to IT Carlow Basketball. There was a win for Ballincollig on sunday, 95-85 in Ulster against the students.[3]

Muhamed Sabic put in a fine display as Dublin Lions won 81-74 over Sligo in Clondalkin. Also in Division 1B, Paris Texas Kilkenny maintained their place at the top of the table with an 81-58 win in Donegal.[3]

Week 22: 10-11 February 2018[4]

Sligo All-Stars 75 St. Paul’s Killarney 81: Killarney’s Antuan Bootle scored 21 points as St. Paul’s did just enough in the last quarter to hold off the challenge of the westerners. [4]

Dublin Lions 120 Titans 83: Muhamed Sabic netted a huge 33 points as the Lions put up a massive 120 points in their win over the Galway side.[4]

Ballincollig 83 IT carlow 67: The cup champions kept up the pressure on the leaders with this win over IT Carlow. Cameron Clark top-scored with 28 points for Ballincollig.[4]

Portlaoise Panthers 60 Killorglin 73: The Kerry side stayed top with this win in the midlands, Daniel Jokubaitis scoring a phenomenal 37 points for Killorglin.[4]

Neptune 96 Ulster Elks 66: Neptune had a comfortable win in Cork over Ulster University to stay in touch withthe league leaders Killorglin.[4]

Week 23: 17-18 February 2018

Ballincollig 77 Killorglin 76: A huge comeback from 20 points down kept Ballincollig in touch with the leaders in Cork. a three pointer from Ciaran O’Sullivan in the last seconds secured victory.[5]

Fr. Mathews 76 Portlaoise Panthers 80: 27 points from Tim Stewart saw Portlaoise home in this encounter in Cork.[5]

Ulster Elks 68 IT Carlow 91: Jimmy Gordon scored 27 points for IT Carlow as they won comfortably in Belfast.[5]

St. Paul’s Killarney 107 LYIT Donegal 74: 40 Points from Chaz Walker were not enough for the men from the north-west as they went down to St. Paul’s.[5]

LIT Celtics 107 LYIT Donegal 65: Matt St. Amour top-scored on 35 points for LIT as they secured a home victory over Donegal, and ensured the students would go home empty-handed from their two match trip to the south-west[5]

Titans 85 Sligo 95: The Connacht derby went Sligo’s way as 40 points from Keegan Ryan was not enough for the Galway side.[5]

Kilkenny 80 Dublin Lions 61: Kilkenny did enough to secure victory over the Clondalkin side.[5]

Week 24: 23-25 February 2018

LYIT Donegal 108 Titans 81: Keegan Ryan’s 43 points was not enough as Titans went down 108-81 in Letterkenny.[6]

Killorglin 83 Neptune 81: This top-of-the-table clash was a close one as Killorglin sneaked it with 27 points from top-scorer Daniel Jokubaitis leaving Neptune with slim hopes of the title.[6]

Dublin Lions 86 St. Paul’s Killarney 81: Antuan Bootle’s 31 points was not enough for the Lakers in this close match with the Clondalkin side.[6]

Portlaoise Panthers 59 Ballincollig 82: Cameron Clark top-scored on 28 points for Ballincollig as they kept up their hopes of the title.[6]

LIT Celtics 94 Kilkenny 87: Matt St. Amour (39 pts) and Krystian Burchardt (31) were instrumental in this victory for the Limerick side.[6]

Ulster University Elks 78 Fr. Mathews 91: Mick McGinn scored a game-high 34 points for Fr. Mathews as the Cork side kept up their hopes of a top-four finish.[6]


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