Basketball Ireland National League Women’s Super League 2017-18

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League Table

*Courtyard Liffey Celtics16133109194039
*DCU Mercy16124115587436
*Ambassador UCC Glanmire16124128597136
*Pyrobel Killester161151138102933
Singleton SuperValu Brunell161061141110730
Maxol WIT Wildcats165111005112615
IT Carlow Basketball16412985120212
-Portlaoise Panthers16412893117212
-NUIG Mystics1611584611183


Points System: 3 Pts Win / 0 Pts Loss / Tied teams separated by Points Difference

*Qualify for WSL Top 4 Playoffs / – Regraded to Women’s Division 1

Womens Super League Top 4 Playoffs

DateHome Team Away team 
19.03.18DCU Mercy60Ambassador UCC Glanmire72
19.03.18Courtyard Liffey Celtics80Pyrobel Killester60
 Final  (WIT) 
24.03.2018Courtyard Liffey Celtics63Ambassador UCC Glanmire76


Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away team 
 Week 3   
01.10.17IT Carlow Basketball73NUIG Mystics67
 Week 4   
07.10.17Portlaoise Panthers47Singleton SuperValu Brunell58
07.10.17Courtyard Liffey Celtics63NUIG Mystics52
08.10.17Ambassador UCC Glanmire77Pyrobel Killester62
08.10.17IT Carlow Basketball43Maxol WIT Wildcats55
 Week 5   
14.10.17Portlaoise Panthers46Maxol WIT Wildcats79
15.10.17Singleton SuperValu Brunell72NUIG Mystics71
15.10.17Portlaoise Panthers55Courtyard Liffey Celtics65
15.10.17DCU Mercy66Pyrobel Killester57
15.10.17IT Carlow Basketball75Ambassador UCC Glanmire90
 Week 6   
21.10.17NUIG Mystics70Ambassador UCC Glanmire76
21.10.17Pyrobel Killester78Portlaoise Panthers64
21.10.17Courtyard Liffey Celtics66Singleton SuperValu Brunell65
22.10.17DCU Mercy74IT Carlow Basketball69
 Week 7   
28.10.17Pyrobel Killester87IT Carlow Basketball61
28.10.17Maxol WIT Wildcats64NUIG Mystics59
29.10.17DCU Mercy68Courtyard Liffey Celtics71
29.10.17Ambassador UCC Glanmire94Portlaoise Panthers54
 Week 8   
04.11.17Pyrobel Killester72Maxol WIT Wildcats65
05.11.17Singleton SuperValu Brunell IT Carlow Basketball 
05.11.17DCU Mercy78Ambassador UCC Glanmire58
 Week 9   
11.11.17NUIG Mystics61Pyrobel Killester76
11.11.17Courtyard Liffey Celtics76Maxol WIT Wildcats62
12.11.17DCU Mercy80Singleton SuperValu Brunell68
12.11.17IT Carlow Basketball61Portlaoise Panthers81
 Week 10   
18.11.17IT Carlow Basketball NUIG Mystics 
18.11.17Portlaoise Panthers37DCU Mercy101
18.11.17Maxol WIT Wildcats71Singleton SuperValu Brunell74
19.11.17Ambassador UCC Glanmire60Courtyard Liffey Celtics66
 Week 11   
25.11.17Pyrobel Killester72Courtyard Liffey Celtics64
25.11.17Portlaoise Panthers71NUIG Mystics52
26.11.17Singleton SuperValu Brunell56Ambassador UCC Glanmire68
26.11.17DCU Mercy80Maxol WIT Wildcats52
 Week 13   
09.12.17NUIG Mystics46DCU Mercy74
09.12.17Pyrobel Killester82Singleton SuperValu Brunell85
09.12.17Courtyard Liffey Celtics65IT Carlow Basketball68
10.12.17Ambassador UCC Glanmire71Maxol WIT Wildcats45
 Week 14   
16.12.17Maxol WIT Wildcats58Pyrobel Killester72
16.12.17Courtyard Liffey Celtics85Portlaoise Panthers51
16.12.17Ambassador UCC Glanmire57DCU Mercy62
17.12.17IT Carlow Basketball73Singleton SuperValu Brunell82
 Week 18   
13.01.18NUIG Mystics57Courtyard Liffey Celtics77
13.01.18Pyrobel Killester58Ambassador UCC Glanmire102
13.01.18Maxol WIT Wildcats93IT Carlow Basketball59
14.01.18Singleton SuperValu Brunell80Portlaoise Panthers49
 Week 19   
20.01.18NUIG Mystics68Singleton SuperValu Brunell65
20.01.18Pyrobel Killester67DCU Mercy65
20.01.18Maxol WIT Wildcats71Portlaoise Panthers74
21.01.18Ambassador UCC Glanmire85IT Carlow Basketball58
 Week 21   
03.02.18NUIG Mystics59Maxol WIT Wildcats71
03.02.18Portlaoise Panthers52Ambassador UCC Glanmire87
03.02.18Courtyard Liffey Celtics61DCU Mercy57
04.02.18IT Carlow Basketball51Pyrobel Killester73
 Week 22   
10.02.18Portlaoise Panthers52Pyrobel Killester63
11.02.18Ambassador UCC Glanmire107NUIG Mystics45
11.02.18Singleton SuperValu Brunell64Courtyard Liffey Celtics87
11.02.18IT Carlow Basketball61DCU Mercy86
 Week 23   
17.02.18Pyrobel Killester95NUIG Mystics38
17.02.18Portlaoise Panthers59IT Carlow Basketball70
17.02.18Maxol WIT Wildcats47Courtyard Liffey Celtics73
18.02.18Singleton SuperValu Brunell78DCU Mercy75
 Week 24   
24.02.18Courtyard Liffey Celtics60Ambassador UCC Glanmire54
25.02.18NUIG Mystics56IT Carlow Basketball61
25.02.18Singleton SuperValu Brunell70Maxol WIT Wildcats56
25.02.18DCU Mercy83Portlaoise Panthers39
 Week 25   
08.03.18Maxol WIT Wildcats53DCU Mercy86
03.03.18Courtyard Liffey Celtics Pyrobel Killester 
07.03.18NUIG Mystics45Portlaoise Panthers62
04.03.18Ambassador UCC Glanmire74Singleton SuperValu Brunell45
 Week 26   
10.03.18Maxol WIT Wildcats63Ambassador UCC Glanmire112
11.03.18Singleton SuperValu Brunell79Pyrobel Killester73
11.03.18DCU Mercy20NUIG Mystics0 #
11.03.18IT Carlow Basketball48Courtyard Liffey Celtics71
 Week 27   
12.03.18Singleton SuperValu Brunell78IT Carlow Basketball54
14.03.18Singleton SuperValu Brunell78Ambassador UCC Glanmire81
14.03.18Courtyard Liffey Celtics41Pyrobel Killester60


Home Venues

TeamHome Court
Ambassador UCC GlanmireMardyke Arena, Cork City
Courtyard Liffey CelticsLeixlip Amenities Centre, Co. Kildare
DCU MercyDCU Complex, Dublin City
IT Carlow BasketballBarrow Centre, IT Carlow, Co. Carlow
Maxol WIT WildcatsMercy Gym, Waterford
NUIG MysticsColaiste Iognaid, Galway
Portlaoise PanthersSt. Mary’s, Portlaoise, Co. Laois
Pyrobel KillesterIrish Wheelchair Association, Clontarf, D3
Singleton SuperValu BrunellParochial Hall, Cork City



Week 21: 3-4 February 2018 [3]

In a top-of-the-table clash Courtyard Liffey Celtics defeated cup-winners the previous weekend DCU Mercy, by a 61-57 scoreline to go top. Excellent scoring from Devon Brookshire and Irish Underage international Sorcha Tiernan saw them claim the points.[3]

Elsewhere in the league, Maxol WIT Wildcats moved away from relegation with a 71-59 win in Galway against bottom-of-the-table NUIG Mystics; Ambassador UCC Glanmire kept up the pressure on the top-two with a comfortable 87-52 win in Portlaoise againat the Panthers; and on sunday, Pyrobel Killester stayed in the hunt near the top with a 73-51 win over struggling IT Carlow Basketball.[3]

Week 22: 10-11 February 2018 [4]

UCC Glanmire 107 NUIG Mystics 45: UCC Glanmire had a huge win over NUIG to keep up the pressure on Liffey Celtics at the top end of the table. Claire Rockall scored 21 points as bottom side Mystics were outclassed.[4]

Portlaoise Panthers 52 Killester 63: Killester were strong in their victory over the midlands side to stay in touch in the top four.[4]

IT Carlow 61 DCU Mercy 86: DCU Mercy had a comfortable win in Carlow to keep up the pressure on the top side Liffey Celtics.[4]

Brunell 64 Liffey Celtics 87: Liffey kept up the pace at the top of the table with this win in Cork. Celtics head coach Mark Byrne remarked that it is “never easy to win down here”, and the “girls played hard for four quarters”. Jazmen Boone top-scored on 23 points for the leaders.[4]

Week 23: 17-18 February 2018

WIT Wildcats 47 Liffey Celtics 73: Devon Brookshire top-scored on 21 points in a convincing win for Liffey Celtics, who were in control at half-time and finished 27 points to the good.[5]

Brunell 78 DCU Mercy 75: A shock win in Cork for Brunell over cup winners DCU Mercy saw them close the gap on the top four with games in hand.[5]

Portlaoise Panthers 59 IT Carlow 70: This was a revenge victory for IT Carlow in the midlands derby after their loss at home earlier in the season. Extra numbers which allowed them to maintain pace and a huge start to the last quarter which put them 16 points up saw them through.[5]

Killester 95 NUIG Mystics 38: A big win for Killester over bottom side NUIG kept them in second place.[5]

Week 24: 23-25 February 2018

Liffey Celtics maintained their place at the top of the table while the four teams below them all had four losses each after the weekend, setting up an exciting finale to the season.[6]

Liffey Celtics 60 UCC Glanmire 54: Liffey Celtics had a “satisfying” win in a “tough and hard-fought game” according to head coach Mark Byrne. The lead changed hands numerous times in the second half as Liffey hung on for the win. They faced the prospect of the rest of the season without star guard Jazmen Boone, however, who was moving to Australia.[6]

NUIG Mystics 56 IT Carlow 61: Sarah Kenny top-scored on 20 points for IT Carlow as they made their position in the Super League safe for next season in this relegation battle with NUIG.[6]

Brunell 70 WIT Wildcats 56: Breana Bay scored a game-high 22 points as Brunell defeated the Wildcats in the Munster derby.[6]

DCU Mercy 83 Portlsaoise Panthers 39: DCU moved into second place with this comfortable win over the regional Leinster side. Alex Masaquel (23) and Sarah Woods (22) top-scored for them to keep their hopes of the title alive.[6]




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Thanks to Ann Hanley, Killester and Ireland National Team.

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