Lota International Basketball Tournament 1964

Lota Trophy [Reference: 3]


DateHome teamAway Team
31.03.1964Garda (Dublin)64Aberdeen University (Scotland)25
31.03.1964St. Joseph’s (Dublin)50University College Cork25
31.03.1964FCA (Tralee)55Neptune (Cork)54
31.03.1964Newport (Wales)53US Navy (Derry)42
31.03.1964FCA Tralee49Garda32
31.03.1964St. Joseph’s52Newport64
31.03.1964Tralee FCA61Newport49
Lota International Basketball Tournament 1964 [Reference: 1]


Tralee FCA (Army Reserves) shocked hosts Neptune in the first round of the 1964 Lota International Tournament, and then went on to defeat a disappointing Garda in the Semi-Finals, and in a high-scoring match for the times, Newport from Wales 61-49 in the Final.

Tralee FCA – 1964 Lota Tournament Champions [Reference: 4]


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