Midland Area Basketball Board Ladies Division 1 2017-18

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Portlaoise Panthers1211164644734
Clonaslee BC1211158542934
Heywood Hoops127555050026
Tullamore BC125745849822
Kildare Gliders125752252521
Ballyroan BC1221049760716
Clonaslee BC 21211135160314

Top Four Tournament

DateTeam Away Team 

Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 1   
08.10.2017Portlaoise Panthers42Tullamore BC34
 Week 2   
15.10.2017Portlaoise Panthers42Clonaslee BC26
 Week 3   
25.10.2017Heywood Hoops53Clonaslee BC 224
 Week 4   
01.11.2017Heywood Hoops31Portlaoise Panthers48
 Week 5   
08.11.2017Heywood Hoops55Ballyroan BC50
 Week 6   
14.11.2017Clonaslee BC52Heywood Hoops44
17.11.2017Clonaslee BC 223Kildare Gliders51
17.11.2017Tullamore BC52Ballyroan BC54
 Week 7   
22.11.2017Heywood Hoops51Kestrels42
 Week 8   
27.11.2017Kildare Gliders59Ballyroan BC47

Clonaslee BC

35Heywood Hoops45
01.12.2017Tullamore BC33Clonaslee BC53
 Week 9   
04.12.2017Kildare Gliders40Portlaoise Panthers67
06.12.2017Heywood Hoops34Clonaslee BC39
07.12.2017Ballyroan BC45Clonaslee BC 226
 Week 10   
12.12.2017Clonaslee BC62Ballyroan BC49
 Week 11   
18.12.2017Kildare Gliders48Clonaslee BC52
21.12.2017Tullamore BC48Clonaslee BC 233
 Week 12   
05.01.2018Tullamore BC29Heywood Hoops38
 Week 13   
08.01.2018Kildare Gliders43Tullamore BC48
11.01.2018Clonaslee BC49Tullamore BC30
12.01.2018Clonaslee BC 244Ballyroan BC39
 Week 14   
15.01.2018Kildare Gliders39Heywood Hoops38
16.01.2018Clonaslee BC41Clonaslee BC 219
18.01.2018Ballyroan BC43Tullamore BC44
 Week 15   
24.01.2018Heywood Hoops44Tullamore BC22
25.01.2018Ballyroan BC30Clonaslee BC49
26.01.2018Tullamore BC45Portlaoise Panthers56
28.01.2018Ballyroan BC36Kildare Gliders45
 Week 16   
29.01.2018Kildare Gliders65Clonaslee BC29
01.02.2018Ballyroan BC39Portlaoise Panthers56
 Week 17   
06.02.2018Clonaslee BC58Kildare Gliders42
08.02.2018Ballyroan BC38Heywood Hoops57
08.02.2018Clonaslee BC53Portlaoise Panthers41
09.02.2018Clonaslee BC 243Tullamore BC53
11.02.2018Portlaoise Panthers58Ballyroan BC27
 Week 18   
15.02.2018Ballyroan BC Kestrels 
16.02.2018Tullamore BC20Kildare Gliders0 #
17.02.2018Portlaoise Panthers47Kildare Gliders43
18.02.2018Portlaoise Panthers77Heywood Hoops51
 Week 19   
20.02.2018Clonaslee BC 217Clonaslee51
21.02.2018Heywood Hoops60Kildare Gliders47
22.02.2018Clonaslee BC 229Portlaoise Panthers54

Season Information

Points System: 3 Pts Win / 1 Pt Loss

Season Format: League: Teams play Double Round-Robin (Home & Away) for 12 Matches each. Top Four Finals: Places 1-4 Qualify for Separate Top Four finals.

Home Venues

TeamHome Court
Ballyroan BCMountmellick Community Centre, Laois
Clonaslee BCClonaslee Community Centre, Laois
Clonaslee BC 2Clonaslee Community Centre, Laois
Heywood HoopsHeywood Community Centre
KestrelsColaiste Iosagain, Portarlington, Laois
Kildare GlidersKilcullen Community Centre, Kildare
Portlaoise PanthersSt. Mary’s Hall, Portlaoise. Laois
Tullamore BCCholaiste Choilm, Tullamore, Offaly




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