Wicklow Golf Club Mens 2020

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Results 2020

22.08.2020Mens 18-Hole V-Par (Blue)
1Ian Cuddihy (7)5 Up
2Bill Redmond (9)4 Up
3Keith Redmond (14)4 Up
4Simon Murphy (18)3 Up
5Derek Jenkinson (8)3 Up
6Cian O’Sullivan (12)3 Up
25.08.2020Mens 18 Hole Open Singles Stableford (White)
1Jack Byrne (9)38 Pts
29.08.2020Mens 18 Hole Singles Stableford (Blue)
1Michael Hogerzeil (20)43 Pts
2Mick McDonald (19)40 Pts
3Colm Byrne (16)40 Pts
GrossConor Jameson (2)35 Pts
4Keith Hore (16)40 Pts
5Ian Healy (11)40 Pts
01.09.2020Mens 18 Hole Open Singles Stableford (White)
1Fay McCoy (16)42 Pts
2Paul Messitt (11)40 Pts
3Jack Byrne (9)39 Pts
GrossPeter O’Hagan (5)34 Pts
Hole-in-1James McKernan7th Hole
Hole-in-1Timo Walsh17th Hole
03.09.2020Mens 18 Hole Open Singles Stableford
1Damian Kerins (24) 40 Pts
2Ian Cuddihy (6)39 Pts (B9)
3Brendan Jacob (10)39 Pts (B9)
4Tony McKeever (14)39 Pts
05.09.2020Mens 18 Hole Monthly Medal (Blue)
1Damian Glynn (21)64
2John Clarke (11)65
3Alex Silva (23)67 (cb)
GrossConor Jameson (3)72
4Frank Scanlan (10)67 (cb)
5Kevin Monaghan (8)67 (cb)
08.09.2020Mens 18 Hole Open Singles Stableford (White)
1William Snell (17)41 Pts (cb)
2Alan Carton (16)41 Pts (B6)
3Pat Ryan (21)41 Pts
GrossBrendan Dowling (Kilkenny GC)32 Pts (cb)
10.09.2020Mens 18 Hole Open Singles Stableford (White)
1Ciaran Coffey (11)44 Pts
2Conor Jameson (2)43 Pts
3Mark Coffey (15)42 Pts
4Casey O’Brien (13)40 Pts
12.09.2020Mens 18 Hole Singles Stableford (Blue)
1Aubrey Armstrong (16)43 Pts
2Trevor Doyle (3)41 Pts (B9)
3Mark Coffey (14)41 Pts
4Eugene Noone (22)38 Pts
5Daragh Phelan (20)38 Pts
6Ian Healy (11)37 Pts (B9)
Wicklow Golf Club Mens 2020 [Reference: 2]



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