Irish Basketball Association Men’s National Basketball League 1992-93

Final League Table

Northern Conference
*Connacht Gold Ballina1916332
*Jameson St. Vincent’s1915430
*Star of the Sea1911822
St. Gall’s1971214
Delta Notre Dame194158
Southern Conference
*Avonmore Neptune1915430
*North Monastery 96ers1915430
*Blue Demons1912724
Garvey’s Tigers Tralee1910920
Oscar Taylor’s Killester1981116
Marathon Limerick190190

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Playoff Results

Home TeamAway Team
8th Place Playoff27-28 March 1993
Quarter-Finals27-28 March 1993
St. Vincent’s83Blue Demons77
North Monastery 96ers96Star of the Sea70
Semi-Finals3 April 1993
Jameson St. Vincent’s73Connacht Gold Ballina62
North Monastery 69ers61Neptune59
North Monastery 96ers79St. Vincent’s62

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Regular Season Results

Home TeamAway Team
Week 13-4 October 1992
St. Gall’s71Connacht Gold Ballina74
Dungannon67Jameson St. Vincent’s82
Star of the Sea Belfast76Annadale/Queen’s78
Marathon Limerick56Oscar Taylor’s Killester100
Blue Demons112Garvey’s Tigers Tralee100
Week 210-11 October 1992
Annadale/Queen’s85St. Gall’s73
Connacht Gold Ballina90Delta Notre Dame89
Garvey’s Tigers Tralee96Marian84
Jameson St. Vincent’s87Star of the Sea Belfast85 ^
Neptune106Marathon Limerick58
North Monastery 96ers86Blue Demons77
Week 317-18 October 1992
St. Gall’s80North Monastery 96ers91
Delta Notre Dame75Oscar Taylor Killester59
Marathon Limerick50Star of the Sea79
Garvey’s Tigers Tralee104Annadale/Queen’s109
Jameson St. Vincent’s109Neptune91
Week 424-25 October 1992
North Monastery 86ers84Jameson St.Vincent’s72
Connacht Gold Ballina94Blue Demons73
Annadale/Queen’s82Marathon Limerick73
Oscar Taylor’s Killester87Dungannon84
Star of the Sea Belfast97Garvey’s Tigers Tralee91
Marian76Delta Notre Dame73
Week 57-8 November 1992
Delta Notre Dame102Annadale/Queen’s100
Dungannon56Star of the sea69
Garvey’s Tigers Tralee85Oscar Taylors Killester74
Marian65North Monastery 96ers102
Connacht Gold Ballina101Jameson St. Vincent’s89
Midweek10 November 1992
Oscar Taylor’s Killester96Marian82
Week 614-15 November 1992
Connacht Gold Ballina81Star of the Sea70
St. Gall’s87Jameson St. Vincent’s85
Delta Notre Dame68Dungannon61
Neptune78North Monastery 96ers69
Marian76Marathon Limerick69
Blue Demons106Oscar Taylor’s Killester98
Week 728-29 November 1992
Oscar Taylor’s Killester87Neptune89
North Monastery 96ers68Garvey’s Tigers Tralee77
Annadale/Queen’s85Connacht Gold Ballina88
Dungannon79St. Gall’s82
Star of the Sea88Delta Notre Dame64
Week 85-6 December 1992
St. Gall’s65Oscar Taylor’s Killester77
Garvey’s Tigers Tralee68Connacht Gold Ballina71
Delta Notre Dame91North Monastery 96ers95
Jameson St. Vincent’s82Marian71
Blue DemonspStar of the Sea Belfastp
Week 912-13 December 1992
Connacht Gold Ballina83Marathon Limerick71
Oscar Taylor’s Killester74Jameson St. Vincent’s89
North Monastery 96ers76Dungannon70
Annadale/Queen’s92Blue Demons120
Marian80St. Gall’s81
Neptune88Delta Notre Dame78
Week 102-3 January 1993
North Monastery 96ers100Oscar Taylor’s Killester81
Delta Notre Dame69St. Gall’s78
Marathon Limerick60Garvey’s Tigers Tralee65
Dungannon58Connacht Gold Ballina71
Jameson St. Vincent’s96Annadale/Queen’s81
Marian84Blue Demons94
Week 119-10 January 1993
Connacht Gold Ballina101St. Gall’s56
Annadale/Queen’s62Star of the Sea Belfast85
Garvey’s Tigers Tralee67Blue Demons64
Oscar Taylor’s KIllester102Marathon Limerick95
Jameson St. Vincent’s120Dungannon58
Week 1216-17 January 1993
Star of the Sea Belfast73Jameson St. Vincent’s75
Delta Notre Dame82Connacht Gold Ballina90
Marathon Limerick77Neptune111
St. Gall’s78Annadale/Queen’s81 ^
Marian64Garvey’s Tigers Tralee62
Week 1323-24 January 1993
Garvey’s Tigers Tralee74Dungannon48
Marathon Limerick85Delta Notre Dame88
Star of the Sea102North Monastery 96ers97
Blue Demonsw/oSt. Gall’s scr.
Connacht Gold BallinapMarianp
Week 1430-31 January 1993
North Monastery 96ers93Annadale/Queen’s87
Delta Notre Dame67Garvey’s Tigers Tralee88
Dungannon72Marathon Limerick71
Killester80Connacht Gold Ballina81
Jameson St.Vincent’s119Blue Demons90
Neptune92Star of the Sea Belfast72
Week 1513-14 February 1993
Jameson St.Vincent’s92Connacht Gold Ballina68
Neptune68Blue Demons67
Oscar Taylor’s Killester59Garvey’s Tigers Tralee74
Midweek16 February 1993
Jameson St. Vincent’s91Delta Notre Dame78
Week 1620-21 February 1993
Dungannon70Delta Notre Dame63
Star of the Sea Belfast68Connacht Gold Ballina82
Jameson St. Vincent’s108St.Gall’s85
Oscar Taylor’s Killester81Blue Demons94
Marathon Limerick58Marian69
North Monastery 96ers78Neptune97
Week 1727-28 February 1993
Delta Notre Dame66Star of the Sea Belfast75
Blue Demons93Marathon Limerick69
Garvey’s Tigers Tralee71North Monastery 96ers89
Connacht Gold Ballina67 Annadale/Queen’s55 %
Neptune90Oscar Taylor’s Killester60
Midweek3 March 1993
Garvey’s Tigers Tralee74Neptune67
Week 186-7 March 1993
Connacht Gold Ballina67Neptune71
Blue Demons102Delta Notre Dame82
Marathon Limerick76St. Gall’s 80
Garvey’s Tigers Tralee68Jameson St. Vincent’s74
Star of the Sea Belfast93Oscar Taylor’s Killester90
Week 1913-14 March 1993
North Monastery 96ers76Connacht Gold Ballina74
Oscar Taylor’s Killester85Annadale/Queen’s68
Dungannon79Blue Demons99
St. Gall’s75Garvey’s Tigers Tralee81
Jameson St.Vincent’s123Marathon Limerick55
Marian79Star of the Sea Belfast74

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% Match abandoned due to Power Failure with 9 minutes remaining. Match was rescheduled to be finished but Annadale/Queen’s were unable to fulfill it so Ballina were awarded a walkover. [21]



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