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Badminton Leagues

There are Badminton leagues in each county or district, and also a Badminton Premier League, which attracts the top players from all over Ireland International Competitions feature the best of Irish Badminton talent, and Irish players have competed in the Olympics. Below the National & Provincial level, County Level competitions are run throughout the year, for both Singles & Doubles.

This is the Eirball Index Page for the All-Time Results, Tables and Statistics for Irish Badminton Leagues, including the Badminton Premier League, Irish Club Cups and District Level Competitions.

Badminton Premier League (Ireland)

Irish Club Championships (Ireland)

shuttlecocks on wooden floor in sports hall

Leinster Badminton

shuttlecocks on the floor

Dublin & District Leagues & Cups (Leinster)

shuttlecock on the ground

Louth Badminton (Leinster)

badminton racquets on court

Meath Badminton Association (Leinster)

badminton racket and shuttlecocks on the court

Midland Badminton League (Leinster)

a shuttlecock on a badminton racket

South West Leinster Badminton League (Leinster)

close up photo of badminton rackets and shuttlecock

County Wicklow Badminton (Leinster)

a yellow tennis racket strings in macro photography

Galway County Badminton Association

County Cork Badminton Association

close up shot of a shuttlecock on a racket

Tipperary County Badminton Association

close up shot of a white shuttlecock

Ulster Badminton League

close up photo of shuttlecocks

North Down Badminton League

North West Ulster Badminton

shuttlecock and badminton rackets on a wooden surface